Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I thought for a change I’d put down my precious hasselblad and shoot a few shots on the digital cam just for kicks. May the quality of film never die!

Friday, May 14, 2010



Good with breakfast.

Thursday, May 13, 2010



This is the veggie patch out the back door. The lettuce is doing well but some weird white bugs have just starting partying there…more importantly though some healthy coopers have just started to come through. Going to be eating really healthy over the winter.


The good stuff! It doesn’t come everyday of the week, or a working week of a month of Fridays which would only be 5 working days but you know what I mean. The Friday good stuff decides for itself when to float through. I’d say its been about 5-6months since I was searched by the polica for mul while in moist cut off jeans, eyes red from the neighbouring public pool and session beer in hand on a casual sunny Friday afternoon park raid. Then last Friday was the second best thing I’ve seen on a Friday at Pooran. Almost dusk and a Jimmy approaches near the mini with a plastic bag filled with frothies in one hand and of course a changy in other. He then proceeds to casually stroll through blasting the changy full throttle at crew to gain our respect which he already had changy or no changy. He then strolled down the lane way and where there just so happened to be a solid Merbau outdoor table which it was only just to take the bar to. It would have had to of been a solid 20-30min of dedicated changy love this jimmy decided the ol out door table needed. Walking over to inspect his work after he stumbled off down the lane way I was more than happy with the job finding only small planks of the table had been chopped and maybe ¼ a leg of the centre legs cut. This act of courageousness surpassed all session highlights to leave only one to earn the MVJ (Most Valuable Jimmy) and this is why you never leave the session early!

The following has nothing to do with that story apart from Danny Way and a Changy. Enjoi.