Age: 21
Sponsors: Afends, Mordys
Camera: Pal Vx1000, mk1 lens
Tripod: Not sure, but it’s better than your one mate
Dread moose: What? None. Fructuis on some days actually helps to control manuals
Skate mobile: F’ing public transport atm!

Boneless lovin, rubber goodness, Melbourne.
When is this bloody video coming out mate?
Hahaha, Gooch Street 2 is dropping in December! It isn’t confirmed yet, but the premier is set for the 18th December!!

2 Who has parts in it?
Heaps of people have footage for it, so hopefully it will be pretty cool. These guys have parts or shared-parts:
Justin Anderson
Richard Flude
Nick Carrick
Sam Owbridge
Patty Roberts
Severin Von Ow
Simon Pinney
Sam Hobley
Zac Mccoy
Ryan Davis
Tom Cosby
Elliot Fleming
Rhys Mottram
Matt Di Paola
Sean Connolly

3 Do you have a part in your own video? And does it feel good to be so self absorbed that your forcing people to watch not only a video you made, but a video you made with a part from you in it?
Hahaha, yer, I do have a part, but I’m not forcing anyone to watch it, or watch the video. I just hope that the people who do want to watch it will enjoy it. It has a fun vibe.

Tones giving the ol backyard ramp a new breath of life with a switch blunt nollie flip in! Ground zero, Melbourne.
4 I’m sure it does have a fun vibe mate. Was that the idea all along? To make a video too basically self promote yourself both on and off the board? A bit like a shameless face book post…
Hahaha rack-off Fenning. There wasn’t really any idea behind the video when I first started filming. People would just try new tricks, and I’d point my camera at them, I had no idea how to film. I really like watching local vids, because they have spots and tricks you can actually relate to, so I thought I’d try and make a video myself.

5 A question I should know the answer to but don’t…how long have you been growing your dreads for?
About 4 years now. I hope to get them full Adelmo-steeze one day.

Tones fangin a front board, Kodak, Melbourne.
6 Weirdest stories about your dreads?
Umm nothing weird I don’t think, except that everybody seems to think they’d be real dirty, but I actually wash them pretty often. I also get lots of silly questions like ‘how much did you pay?’, and I just have to explain that they happened pretty much naturally.

7 If you could pimp your ride how would you fully sick it up?
Ummm, racing stripes, and a tape deck that actually works, so I could play my I-pod through it!

8What happened to your car recently…
I drive an old ’86 Mazda that we named ‘Rocket Car’, and it just goes and goes man. But about a month ago my Mum stacked it and basically wrote it off, until I discovered that it still actually drives, it just looks real sketchy and un-roadworthy. The first time I took it out skating after the accident, we hit about 60km/h and the bonnet flew up into my windscreen, fully blocking my view. Scary shit man!

Switch Crookie Monster, Melbourne
9 Ha-ha that’s good stuff! How good is that when it blocks your vision! I had that happen with the ol Nowitson(Nissan) pulsar Q at 60km except the windscreen smashed and I still had to drive 20km and it happen 2 more times!! Any way this inti about you.
If you had to choose between filming a single rolling or still frame what would you prefer?
You mean rolling long lens? Yer I guess so, it can make the footage look a little more interesting. I don’t like it all the time though, because it can be a bit distracting from the trick. P.s worst interview question ever.

10 P.S Jamie Thomas doesn’t seem to think so. I heard armadillo belts offered you a spot on the team if Gooch St 2 is on par with tweakage 2! Does this sound like a plan for the Tea Bag?
Well that’s true haha, but atm I always wear the newest frog leather belts that GazMan keep following my way. I’m thinking about maybe pitching the Gazman shoelace belt for their summer collection but with Armor-Dillo belts hot on my heels I might be stuck in a hard position with what path will lead me ultimate zillionnerness?
11 So do you still skate for any companies?
Mordys and Afends, they look after me.

12 That’s tight! Have you found shooting for this interview hi-stress?
What? No way. Half of the tricks are just clowning around. I had heaps of fun shooting with ya mate.

13 Word on the street is that you met your new girlfriend on an online dating site?
What!? Nar fuck that shit mang. We’ve been friends for ages, and she just moved around the corner from me, which is dope hahaha.

This spot looks easy to skate but that run up is as wide as your board! Getting the run up is a trick in its self not that fazed the Bag on a buttery Backside NG, Melbourne
14 Favourite film?
There are so many good films out there, but the last film I really enjoyed watching was ‘Badlands’. The theme song is so dope. Oh, and also ‘Animal Kingdom’, that was tight.

Pretty much anything aye, maybe Pasta.

Beer. No doubt about it.

 I like a heap of different stuff. Hip Hop, old rock’n’roll, Bob Marley for sure haha.

I recently read ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ and I thought it was really good, I couldn’t really call it my fav though. Maybe ‘Goosebumps’ J

15Whats the Gnarliest thing you’ve filmed for Gooch were your just sitting there going “this is either going to work or end up guts?” putting aside that Ollie Chris tried the other wknd…..
Pretty sure it would have to be something that Snapper did. He’s always doing gnarly as shit!

16 How was the other day skating the Caulfield pool and your car wouldn’t start at the spot so we had to skate the pool! You know now that pool is completely underground/filled in like a day after we were there! You get your pool dawg on much….hows that backyard mini going? Are your neighbours super down for it? Best trick ever done on it?
I don’t get to skate pools as much as I’d like to but when I first built my mini we would always skate it and the neighbours would always call the jacks, but then one day they sent their little kid around to have a play on it and he loved it! So they’re all chill about it now.
I’m not sure about the best trick, I remember Jason Sorg came around years ago and ripped it real hard.

 17 The Sorg ey! Whats the next with move for The Bag? Next project? Life goal? Manual goal?
Well I’ll be finishing up my Multimedia Degree at Uni next year, so after that I’ll probably just want to skate and travel ya know?
It would be awesome to start working on another skate video, hopefully a company will pick me up to film for them!

 18 To wrap things up if you had to choose one person to do a manual from Latrobe st to flinders st 1st shot other wise your camera would be thrown in the Yarra who would it be? No traffic/trams rule applies… Me!
Or maybe Daewon if he was allowed to do it fakie.

 Out shouts-
Fyve skateboards
All the Gooch Street Crew
All the homies – TNH NGC


Thanks Tones!!!