Monday, August 30, 2010

Captains Of Industry

Captains of Industry make suits, shoes and haircuts while your in the middle chillin on your cinno listening to good tunes! Level 1, 2 Somerset Place, Melbourne 3000

Melbourne Train Yards

Finshed work early the other day and decided to have abit of a trundal through the Melbourne Train Yards which is basically near Spencer St train station just past the Doc Lands. At every crossing to the yards there are no boom gates just loud blasts from any oncoming freight trains entering and exiting the yard. One of the weirdest things there are the footpaths that are for "genral public" but probably not.... It's definately worth a lurk!

Monday, August 23, 2010


SPONSORS:- Santa Cruz Skateboards, C1RCA Footwear, Independent Trucks, Street Machine Skate Shop

ART:- I dunno, I don't look at a lot of Art, either Salvador Dali's crazy stuff, those Escher impossible paintings or just Roger graphics, got 2 of them on my wall!!

Back tail big flip out to warm up is the usual for Davies, CliftonHill, Melbourne

MOVIE: - Probably the Matrix's, still get so hyped watching them, or the Ace Ventura’s they're funny as shiz!! Off to see Inception for the second time as I write this actually, that's an amazing film too! Inside Man, that's amazing! There are too many good ones! Depends on the mood I guess..

Probably going to have to click on this one to enlarge the mannie flip nose mannie nollie back shovs out! Melbourne

FOOD:- Either anything that my mum cooks, or pasta from pasta classica on Smith St, it's the best! A quick, healthy, tasty as hell, filling meal for under $10, that's what you want!

This is the alternate version that was maybe going to be used in the Journal. Back smiths, Melbourne

DRINK:- Probably Coronas, but I just tried some beer called Shipmans Crew Golden Ale from Aldi and that was dope! Cheap too!

Davies is more prone to shooting 3 sequences in a day and maybe if by chance a still might happen once every 3 months! Kicky Back 50 Stalls, Melbourne

BOOK:- The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series, such a funny book that makes you think about completely weird improbable stuff that's probably happening somewhere all the time! Plus, it's a trilogy of six!!

Looks like summer in this seqy doesnt it! Well it was 36 that day and no shade. Davies made this in 2 trys inbetween traffic and secruity coming in hot! Quick Manual to Kickflip out, Melbourne.
MUSIC:- Probably the Flaming Lips, Florence and The Machine, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs and similar bands, I really love listening to everybody’s different music actually, the majority of music I have, I've just stolen it off my mates, it's cool, you get to discover new things that you could love even more! But it does make you look like a goon if it's on speaker and some shit song comes on!

Blunt to back nose piv, Melbourne

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


trippin balls


Probably the best movie I’ve seen lately. Don’t really like that guys face but none the less still a good slow flick!

Monday, August 16, 2010



Jack vibes in the Zombie Blue Steel. Click to enlarge

MUSIC - BJM, Spiritualized, Spacemen 3, Dead Meadow, Black Ryder, Stones, Morning After Girls, Panda Bear and Lots of Hip Hop.

If you've ever skated this manual pad in Melbourne you'll know all about the cracks, bumps, short run up and perfect landing into a continuously busy pedestrian crossing that makes this fakie manual flip out a little harder then it looks to skate! CBD,Melbourne. Click to enlarge

MOVIE- Star Wars, Old Bonds... I like comedies. Dunno, I'll watch anything really!

The kicker on this car park gap is 100% kick and whip! Jack defiantly knows all about them 360 shoves! Melbourne, Carnegie. Click to enlarge

FOOD-Anything really, one of the most delish cheapest feeds is the Asian bakery in G-long. You defiantly get value for ya dollar there!

Jack knows the beauty of this spot is you can warm up at the park get em on lock, then bomb the hill till first try backside nose grinds flip outs are as simple as a first try Fridays. Clifton Hill, Melbourne. Click to enlarge

ART - All creative shits interests me, don’t really like any in particular. Art's too broad.

Switch front tails to faks in the mother land. Geelong, Melbourne. Click to enlarge

BOOK- I havent read a book in a long time unfortunately.

DRINK- Fat Yak mayne!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Nose blunt slides pop in. Altona, Melbourne. Click to enlarge

BOOK: Catcher In The Rye or The Outsider, because I had to read them but I actually like them!Mitch boosts the ol tuck knee at the now demolished underground car park in Richmond, Melbourne. Click to enlarge

If this half cab nose slide 270 rev isn't thuggin I don't know what is...Melbourne, Cick to enlarge

ART: Anything to do with Marilyn Monroe because anything to do with her in it is amazing!
If this half cab nose slide 270 rev isn't thuggin I don't know what is...Melbourne, CBD. Click to enlarge

You might be thinking yeah its just a frontsideflip and you'd be right in saying that but there def ain't no kicker there for that frontsideflip goodness! Glen Waverly, Melbourne. Click to enlarge

MUSIC: Spoon and The Libertines because they play the goods!
You might be thinking yeah its just a frontsideflip and you'd be right in saying that but there def ain't no kicker there for that frontsideflip goodness! Glen Waverly, Melbourne. Click to enlarge

Mitch boosts the ol tuck knee at the now demolished underground car park in Richmond, Melbourne.Click to enlarge

MOVIES: Willy Wonka, classic!Nose blunt slides pop in. Altona, Melbourne. Click to enlarge
FOOD: Mums Schnitzel because it always tastes the best!
DRINK: Juccie, best taste in the world!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Head to to enter Arto Sarri's photo comp!

Garrett Hill

Garrett Hills part in Feed the Need is a prime example of what good skating should look and sound like. I know some people might not be that concerned about what music goes with their clip but it defiantly makes a world of difference between an average part and “lets watch that part again but a little louder this time round ey!”. Prime example the latest Flip vid! DJ Heinous was well up in that film bar Geoff Rowley’s part. Point being make sure you choose music that represents you down to the ground! Now Eat

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The Ace of Glase, i dont know whats better the clip or the skating... you choose!


For all y'all central coast heads check out Focus Mag to see what the Palm dawg has been getting up to on and off the board while he was in Melbourne in his Home Grown check out!

Monday, August 9, 2010


The man, the beast, the legend! If you happen see The City Drumma on streets of Melbourne, give the man some dollars and you'll be suprised what you hear next! (ex-Slayer drummer)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Went to the local opp shop the other day and picked up a cheap genuine leather jacket from the 70’s. The opp shop lady told me "70’s trench jackets are really in right now and you’ve made a very classy choice"…I thought yes a I have made a great choice! Pure deer skin leather for handle bar goodness! Can’t go far wrong there for pure “FIXIE” precision handel bar comfort through those wining turns. Gday mate.

The seat I stumbled across the other day in a “FIXIE” graveyard. Turns out it’s from the 1950’s made in Australia. It does the job and is guaranteed to get better with age.

Until next time… get a FIXIE!


Swapping a daily glass of wine for a beer could help you save as many calories as you would by taking a 30-minute jog, a UK-based consumer group claims.
The consumer group Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) claimed that beer's reputation for being fattening was unfounded.
"For years, beer has been blighted by a reputation for being more fattening than other alcoholic drinks, when in reality the exact opposite is true," beer expert Prof. Charlie Bamforth said.

"The major source of calories in any alcoholic drink is the alcohol itself, and because beer is the drinks category with the lowest average alcohol content, it is also lowest in calories - so for someone looking to lose weight, swapping their glass of wine for a beer every day would ... cut out more calories than are burned off during a typical 30-minute jog."

Goes to show how good a frothy really is for you!


For those who are still wondering where Snappa went...he just went walk about for awhile. Should make for a good yarn when his Journal and Slam interviews drops! Gday mate


SHANE CROSS FOREVER (PART 1 RUTHLESS) from J'aime Fazackerley on Vimeo.


Monday, August 2, 2010


Nugget was always going to beat koston no challenge there. Cole Vs Nugget I’d say will be the best game of the 3 season. Cole doesn’t have 540 flips or spins on lock but def has a claim game. If Nugget can keep his head on id say after this round it’s in the bag! Coles going home in the back of a dibbie van! Aussie AUSSIE, AUSSIE!!